Daily Prompts

Going back to Pens, Pencils and Papers

When I was a child, Mother annually gave me her old blank work journals and I turned into my journal (Dear Diary), I remember I used to fill every Morning, Lunch, Afternoon and Evening pages try to write what I think is the most significant event happened to that day as mundane as I got called by the Principal again up to the happiest topic in any teenager – writing about my crushes but I stopped when I was getting ready for highschool.

I love writing but sometimes my grammar always hits me thus making more erasures on my paper, I tried to turn it as a 4 comic panel – sadly my drawing sucks, so I tried to do some doodles.

Now, thinking of it as an adult, I will still love writing on a pen and paper since I’m spending almost daily doing work related duties but I have to practice one again on my penmanship, but surely – I’m looking forward to get back to writing before this year ends.

I was a Art Student but I fell in love in Web Development. 🙂

Daily Prompts – Post A Day : Pens and Pencils


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