Anecdote Project

Beyond the Line

Going beyond the line has its own benefits; it maybe a pro or a con but sometimes it change someone’s perspective forever.

I should have known that a relationship beyond manager-employee is a fragile and dangerous situation; perhaps this is our punishment for trusting or even befriending him, whom we don’t, realized that he’s been playing wolf in a sheep’s clothing.  At first, having insights is okay with him but after a year, giving any insights is a big No-no and we have to do what he wanted to do.

We got no problem for that since that’s what an employee must do, follow someone who’s much higher than you, but after a year – we noticed something, as we keep on giving insights to him on any project (and later got scolded), as our project got finished we noticed someone send an email, praising him of all of his work, I’m proud on our achievement but later that night I felt that something is not right.

We didn’t get personally praised by our manager.

I might be immature but of course as someone who has some staffs that will be working under him, he should be always fully engaged – giving motivation and productivity to have a healthy workplace, but sadly that didn’t happen, we waited for that day to end and nothing happen. Me and my co-worker decide to pat our each other’s back for a job well done and packed our bags and go home. Later that night, I didn’t know that my co-worker sent an email saying that we spend a week just to get the project done.

And as expected, our manager didn’t like the email that my co-worker sent and decide to have a closed-door but of course we got scolded saying ‘those things should have been talk about personally, and if we got offended we should have said it immediately’. My co-worker defends and said that, if he’s concern to this staff – he sent that email acknowledging us as a team effort and Credit grabbing all to himself.

And that was the beginning of a two years journey full of hatred and mistrust.

The ending to this story…

Nothing – Someone got fired and the two of us left trying to fix all the damages that the one have done and the solution to this problem, never go beyond the line, its a fragile relationship.

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