Daily Prompts

Very Pleased to Meet You

Okay let’s do this with a little twist.

It was late summer afternoon when you went back into your classmate’s house, you know that you can get the notebook the other day but you have to study for tomorrow’s exam.

When you came back into the house, the lights were off but the door is open, you hesitate to enter so you decide to wait inside the front door. As you slowly enter the house, you keep on calling to your classmate but neither her or her family is answering.

As you wait, you’re hearing noises from the TV in their living room and footsteps upstairs, you tried calling unto them but there’s no answer but at least the footsteps are now coming closer and closer.

You decide look inside the house further, a white clothed with long hair slowly coming towards you and when you came back into the front porch, another lady is crawling towards you and it came from the attic. You don’t know what to do, yet you keep on trying to escape. You want to go around but you’re helpless and all that you can do is to cry at the corner.

Sadako and Kyoko Saeki met halfway, they stared to each other – there’s no conversation but you can see in their actions that they’re communicating.

You found it funny and that made you laugh a little, sadly they heard you and they looked towards you – they started once again to walk towards you.

You don’t know what the ending for this story is but you know that they really get along.

Daily Prompts – Post A Day : Pleased to Meet You


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