Anecdote Project

Sleeping for a Month

Burn Out.

It happened to me last year and it’s a nightmare. I got very tired before and after going to work, I also become unmotivated and uninterested to do any work related for a year.

I tried methods that I know that can make me relax and refreshed – sleep, drinking tea and even travel but sadly none of them worked. Surprisingly, even traveling makes me even restless since I work as a family photographer, so I somewhat didn’t enjoy places and country that I’ve been to.

So I tried to sleep again but this time I went to my parent’s house and stayed there for a month. I know it’s not a nice option but since I’ve been working nonstop for 3 years and the result is… I don’t know if I feel refreshed but I know that I can work again and not feeling tired in the morning and after work.

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