Anecdote Project

Dignity Lost

The vilest toilet I’ve ever seen in my entire life was not in Manila but at a hospital in Sagada. Made of Iron, it was all covered in rust – I sincerely hope to God it was rust – and looked like it had been crapped on by William Henry Scott and, I’m sure, all the other foreign missionaries of the pre-war era. The worst part is this: I had to use it. Listen, I had no other choice, I had not moved my bowels for four or five days ( I had joined medical mission to Kalinga and found it impossible to, uhm, unload on the edge of a rice filed while warding off wild boars impatient to deal with your droppings). All the other toilets were occupied and I couldn’t hold it any longer. My head and all other parts of my body were about to burst. So I held my breath, set aside my dignity, sat down and did my business. The texture, the coldness, and the smell of that toilet still haunt me to this day. Anything after that is a Toto Neorest 600.

That’s why I have problems dealing when it comes to personal hygiene, from taking showers up to unloading of yesterday’s meal in the public (not really Public, but anywhere that I know 100% that it is not my house). I know our public facilities here are not well maintained and clean but as long as the flushes and faucets are working – spewing clean water as well, I’m still okay with it but I’m always ready expect the worst toilet when coming to the far side of the province.

So my advice to my fellow travelers here, drink a laxative a day before going off to somewhere.

The first sentence that I got from this post is based on the book ‘This is a Crazy Planets’  – ‘The Toilet Paper: Enough of this Shit’  column by Lourd de Veyra.

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