Anecdote Project

As I packed my bags

Hello Ma,

How are you? I hope you’re doing great – by the time you’re reading this, I might be still here or I’m off to somewhere else. I know what you’re still disappointed but please hear me out.

I know that you’re very proud of big brother because you always mention to others that he got your smart genes but not me. I already accepted the fact that I’m clumsy, naïve and quite stupid when it comes to everything but I’m trying to do my best to do something that I know you will be proud of and give me support however you still keep on comparing when I went to college – I got tired with the charades thing and give up.

I know you tried building me by talking me to piano lessons but it is already too late because I’m going to high-school already,  I tried to plead to you that Piano lessons are not for me anymore because too old to play the piano but you scold me and continue practicing the piano.

I was having a hard time learning the piano and the teacher asked me, why only now I play the piano? I remember answering her – I don’t know, I just do whatever she say even though I stop self-studying the notes when I was 10.

Luckily, I passed on the recital but I expected that you’ll never come and see my recital when I know that you’re off on Saturdays.


So, why am I saying this now? I don’t know I’m having these kinds of flashbacks as I type this short story for you – maybe this is an outlet to something I hold it for a very long time.

I’m just sad that you never listened to me and I done something right you never acknowledge me, you always said it’s a fluke or beginners luck.

No wonder I became the rebellious one in the family. I’m still thankful that you gave birth to me but living in a house where you can only see me as my brother’s shadow – that’s a different story and thus planned to leave this house as quickly as possible.

Thank you for everything & Goodbye,


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