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Hello Buddy!

In the summer of 1967, when I was ten years old, my father caved in to my persistent pleas and took me to get my own dog. Even though I’m not good to train dogs, I know that having or even owning a dog has its own benefits.

As we arrived at the pet shop, I went straight to the sign that says “Puppies for Sale” and when I look at it, there were 3 puppies playing to each other, and when I called on to them they start to wag on their own tails which I found them really cute. As I keep staring at the puppies, father asked the shop owner on the basics of taking care of a dog – from feeding up to grooming, It was really a long conversation since all the other stuff that I can’t do, I can asked dad for help.

Of course as a kid, I don’t know dog races so I asked the owner on what kind of puppies – the owner happily replied that those three are Golden Retrievers that has a same parents, so that makes them brothers and sisters but those three have distinctive markings on themselves. The first one has white markings on her chest; the second one has some lighter fur below and lastly has a very pinkish snout, my father asked if there’s something wrong with the last dog, the owner shop owner replied that the father has a distinctive mark as well on his snout and it is completely safe.

It’s been almost an hour and a half since were in a pet shop, father asked me whose puppy that I really like and pretty sure that I can take care of them. As I carefully deciding on what should I get, all of them gave me those sad little puppy eyes – I wish I could get them all but owning three quite a handful especially when my parents are really busy.

After some minutes of thinking, I decide to get the third one since I find him a lot cute; all of them are cute but with a different marking than any ordinary dogs really stand out. As we went home, my father asked me on what should I name on him (to the puppy), I said to him that I haven’t decide on what name fits for him but I really wanted to name my first dog as Buddy.

Do you like your name, Buddy?

The first sentence that I got from this post is based on the novel of ‘Marley & Me’ by John Grogan.

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