Anecdote Project

In Good Faith

The time that I lose my faith to God when I failed on my thesis, I know it’s a small thing but failing on the last thing before leaving College really saddens me since all of my plans going to Canada and start a new life shatters in front of me.

I just felt that God really betray me since he’s the only one I got to keep myself alive daily. Ever since that happen, some of my friends start to ignore me – I just got the feeling that they don’t want to see doing graduation preparations in front of me.

I’ve been in pain for almost 3 months and to forget all of those pains of not graduating, I decide to have a month vacation just to reset myself on life plans and other stuffs that I’ll be dealing with after the New Year ends and I decide that I should stop relying on God on everything thus I have to do anything on my own – it may be a hard life for me without any guidance from God but I think I’ll be better to be on myself than to rely to someone else.

I remember I used to stare at the sky, I never seen the clouds so much bluer than before.

Daily Prompts – Post A Day : In Good Faith


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