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Welcome to the World of Cosplay

I remember when I was a child, I don’t like public speaking because I’m not comfortable talking to strangers either 1-on-1 conversation or presenting something in a whole class.

My best friend knows my greatest fear so she advised me to join Cosplaying, it scared me at first but then it turned later into anger because I didn’t find any characters that I can cosplay and I only got few weeks before the event starts but luckily I find almost exact costumes five days before.

Since that was my first time to cosplay; Tenten from Naruto – my best friend chose this despite I haven’t watched the entire series (up until now) so I decide to watch some clips of her and some of her technique that she often used in the series. It was fun but at the same time tedious since I have to spend a week analyzing the character – pretend that I’m Tenten for two days and after that I’m back to my normal self again.

Fun but a very exhausting experience.

At the day of the event, I’m very astonished that everyone is also in their full costume and I can almost name a few anime characters especially from the 90’s – as the event starts, the event hall stars to fill up with visitors and other cosplayers as well. Some of the people took pictures beside with their favorite characters while other asked how their props made – and and made from.

Of course I didn’t escape it from the many questions from the crowd. At first I only give answers as short as one sentence but later in the day I’ve become more talkative than before.  My best friend and I didn’t join in the solo cosplay category but since we befriended with some of the cosplayers in the morning – we convinced others that we should join the group cosplay category where we should present a 5 min skit, since all of us are in Naruto & co. costumes we decide to do some comedy sketch about it.

And to fast forward the event – we won and celebrate the victory after the event.

Now as I recall the entire event happened, I’m thankful that my best friend brought me to cosplay to have fun and dealt with my fear of facing to the public – even though I still have fragments of it.

Daily Prompts – Post A Day : First!


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