Daily Prompts

Red Autumn

It was getting nighttime when Lynne and Chris decides to have a quick break at the park nearby to their house.

As Lynne walks beside Chris, she starts to reminisce Chris’ appearance – he was a very fragile kid that she often pushed him around but now he’s pretty much looked like his father. As she continued to reminisce she can’t help but laugh. Chris turns his head around, stares at Lynne and gives a gesture as if something’s wrong with his face.

Sorry, I though that we’re still kids. I can’t believe that was 15 years ago.” as she said.
“15 years huh?” as Chris responds.

Chris isn’t really paying attention to Lynne, so many thoughts running through his mind but he snaps back to reality when he heard Lynne’s giggling at him. As he stares at her, he reminisce that Lynne is still the cheerful girl he had known 15 years ago.

They continue to walk around the park, they reached the heart of the park – its own fountain but sadly the fountain doesn’t work, covered with mold and no one visits it anymore.

“Ly, remember we do in this fountain?” as offers his left hand.
“Uh-huh, we used to walk around here. I keep on holding your hand because I’m too clumsy. I remember my legs filled with scratches and scabs.” as Lynne laughs and hold Chris’ hand.

As they walked around the park exchanging stories and laughs, Chris accidentally looked at Lynne’s background and he saw at the fountain entrance – an old woman knitting a red sweater. He tries to stare at the old woman but he’s distracted on Lynne since she’s staring at him. Even though his line of vision are blurry, he feels that the old woman is also staring back at them so he tries to ask Lynne.

“Ly, Do you see –“ as he tries to ask to her but Lynne immediately asked him.

Remember the time before all of this happened?”
“You still remember when we brought Mom here while she’s making a red sweater for us? Where –”

Chris stopped at the middle of the sentence and starts to cry. Lynne tries to comfort him while staring at bench near at the fountain entrance.

“I’m sorry, I’m gonna miss her too. It is so hard to say goodbye to her this morning. ”


Sorry if I didn’t hit this assignment & twists. It’s been a rough week for me.



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