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Descent into Madness

My environment is filled with tinted glasses, no roads to see and no nature to see either – my eyes filled with concrete and other office furniture & electronics; this is perhaps what confined concrete jungle looks like.

The unique object that I can see here is my orchid, where its luster has started to decline.

My office cubicle is consists with broken paper clips, used staples, some hair – I don’t know whose hair belongs to but I believe that I don’t possess that kind of hair, and lastly a tons of shredded papers throughout the place, I can’t remember what happened this work week that it filled my cubicle with papers.

I know I should be working but…

Although I’m confined in this small space, good thing it didn’t triggered me some claustrophobic issues but it made me lose my sanity when dealing with my office boss.

I should be washing my coffee mug at this hour…

Speaking of office interaction, is there anyone got fed up with his/her work and he/she just jet-packed out the office? How I wish that teleportation exists… Wait, it doesn’t exist – let’s be realistic.  I’m guessing that someone used these windows instead, no wonder the windows locks are so firm – No, I shouldn’t be thinking that.

As long as I can still have my morning coffee every day, I’m still sane and can deal with these problems.

Publish and Done. Okay, where’s my coffee mug?




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