Daily Prompts

Hey, I’m neutral

This morning, I can’t decide on what color of the shirt I should wear so I asked someone to help me…

“Hey, I still don’t know what to choose, is it the black or the blue one?” asking her as I raise both of the shirts and wiggle it in front of her.

“Well to be fair, Blue is your favorite color” as she fold her arms.

“Yes, it’s my favorite color, but black is making me slimmer.”

She laughed and said “But you’re already wearing black pants! I don’t want to go out, thinking that I’m mourning someone.”

I paused for a few seconds and asked her again. “Okay… If you were to choose, what t-shirt are you going to pick?”

“I prefer shirts with a statement on it”

“So you’re suggesting that I should wear the black shirt? But the blue shirt has a cute drawing on it.”

“Then pick the blue shirt.”

“So you picked the blue shirt huh…”

She raised her voice as she said “…why even ask for help?”

“I don’t know, I just… “

I stopped at the middle of the sentence and grab another shirt in my closet; it’s a white shirt. I put it on and looked into the mirror.

 “Okay, last question – are we okay with this shirt?”

I answered myself “Yes” and then I head out to do some grocery shopping.


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