Daily Prompts

A Gentle Sunrise

I’m here in this place; standing – watching – waiting for the deep color of the skies fades and change in to a light and warmth color of the sunrise. As I stare at the skies in a state of awe, I start to reminisce – having flashbacks of what I have experience before coming here.

Few hours earlier, I set my journey into the mountain – it was a cold and foggy morning when I left my home bringing a one large backpack, an alpenstock and unwithering determination with me. When I reached the bottom part of the mountain, I visit a small shrine where fellow trekkers meet, pay their respects, and get some information with the locals – despite of having a huge language barrier they’re willing to help us.

As I continue to walk, I learned that there are different sides of this mountain; there’s luscious beautiful scenery in every muddy path, sharp and steep rocks I went to. As I continue my way to the top, the luscious scenery changes and heavier clouds can be seen around, good thing there are stations and inns where I can rest and have conversations with other trekkers too, it’s quite funny that we talked and act like we’re a big family and yet we just talked about our own experiences before getting here.

I left the inn at midnight where the climate is extremely cold than the usual or what I felt when left my house earlier. It was pretty dark outside and really need a headlight, so as a girl who has a wild imagination especially at night I decide to follow a group of trekkers – asking them if I could tag along.

After few hours of walking, a large Shrine greets us – giving us a feeling that he’s expecting us to come. When we went into the top, we pay our respect – thanking them for reach the top as safe as possible. I got a chance to see other trekkers also; they might be hours ahead of us since they look really relaxed.

I also search for a nice spot to have a quick rest and just waiting for the big moment to come.

So, I’m here at Mt. Fuji – waiting for the first Sunrise and I wish that this wonderful imaginative experience may soon come true.


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