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Wanderlust Calling

What does it feel to travel alone?

I always ponder this quote as I drink coffee every morning. I’m usually comfortable with a group because when something happened I know I got someone whose shares my current situation.

Having a over-protective parents makes my inner rebel emerge and sometimes it isn’t in good results.  Some say I’m the luckiest person since I somehow leech in my parents travel expenses but every time I mention about travelling alone – they all just laugh.  Call me lucky but every time I travel with my parents , every stranger at I met on the plane always said that he/she travelling alone, makes me really jealous – not because of the financial capabilities that he/she have but I envy him/her for doing what he/she wanted to do.

I know travelling alone is quite dangerous for me –  a petite girl, with no companion and no sense of direction, easy to get lost and gullible is having some plans to go travel around the world. I don’t know what will happen to me if I travel alone but I’m sure that I’m not regretting it and 100% sure that will be on my life experiences list as I grow older.

25+ is maybe too young to travel but hopefully  someday, I can finally travel alone.


One thought on “Wanderlust Calling

  1. First of all I’d like to say that I like your page theme.
    About your post, its short and interesting. I know that urge a girl can have to travel alone! I could totally connect. Good post, keep going! 🙂


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